Answers to COmmon questions

What will I gain from being a member?

We want to make sure that being a member of MPE is very beneficial for all who joins. We provide real services and resources that will give your music real exposure. You will have full access to our resources and services that will help you tremendously if you utilize them, But at the end of the day it will totally depend on you on how far this membership will take you. It’s up to you to take advantage of what all we have to offer. If you do that. You will gain more exposure, fans, and even additional income. It’s up to you.

How will I know if my track is accepted by radio stations?

There are many ways to track your radio plays online with sites like https://warmmusic.net/  http://www.digitalradiotracker.com/ and many more, but anytime we receive a response from radio stations, djs, or even labels. We will forward the information to you. Also your EPK or One sheet that we submit should have all of your contact informations in it just in case they would like to contact you directly. 

How can I Cancel my membership?

As we would love to see you stay and build your career with us, we are not here to hold you back if our services doesn’t work for you. You may cancel at anytime by just contacting us.  You can also cancel directly with paypal. We will still continue out the rest of your monthly membership as well.


We only offer refunds under certain circumstances. We will offer a refund if you have contacted us to cancel your membership, but for some reason was still charged. We also will offer a refund within 1-3 days after your new monthly membership payment has be made.

will my track be placed on mpe playlist?

Yes, as long as your music meets our curators requirements (Quality Sound). Our playlists are for members only. We do not provide pay for play. We review each members music for consideration for our playlists. We utilize our playlists to give our awesome members exposure to new listeners and potential fans. As you may or may not know, we are also in partnership with other curators and tastemakers who have joined us and accepting our members for considerations to their playlists as well. 


We value all of our members and will never share or sell your information or email.