how to grow your youtube channel fast

How To Grow Your YouTube Music Career

First we would like to address what NOT to do. Remember this is our opinion, but this is showing to be facts in how the independent music artists are approaching promoting themselves on YouTube. The main thing is to NOT use it like the majority of other musicians, as most people are using it in correctly.

The strategy for most people for a Profitable YouTube Music Career goes something like this:
1. Make a music video.
2. Add your music video to Youtube.
3. Share it on social media and link to it from your website.
4. Email a few places about your video in the hopes they’ll feature it.
5. Make a new video.
6. Rinse and repeat.
If this sounds anything like what you’ve been doing so far, you’re in luck. I’m about to share with
you a MUCH better way of doing things, a way that’ll actually get you real results.
While the above is what most people do, it doesn’t really give most music fans or Youtubers what
they want. And you need to give them what they want.

 When you please Youtubers and you please music fans, something special happens: Youtube  and other content creators/curators will start to promote your videos for you!! And instead of getting a few hundred people to view each video (if that), you’ll get thousands. Or maybe even millions.

Time and time again I see musicians making great videos, uploading them to YouTube and
crossing their fingers. These videos may get a couple of hundred views from the few social
shares they do…
And then nothing. No more views of the video, even if the video costs hundreds or even
thousands to produce.
The big mistake is they don’t do the two key things needed to get your videos seen by many
more people:

1. Optimize your videos, 

2. Promote your videos. 

Both of these things are vitally important if you want to get your videos in front of as many people as possible. Let’s look at them a bit more.

Optimizing your video is all about: 

• Giving your videos the right title, 

• Adding relevant keywords,

 • Having a good thumbnail, 

• Having a good description, 

• And more. 

If you get these things right, your videos will both look more attractive to people (increasing the chance they’ll give your video a try) and help your videos become more visible on YouTube. And the more visible you are on YouTube, the more your videos will get watched.

Promoting your videos is all about getting it in front of people who might not see it without your assistance. While marketing and promotion is often thought of as something overly complex, in it’s simplest form, it’s basically telling people your music exists and having a convincing message as to why they should give it a try. It hurts me when I see really good music videos with only a few hundred views, and the artist having already moved onto the next video. I know tens or hundreds of thousands of people at least would enjoy these videos, if they just got them in front of the right people. So when they instead choose to upload > share on Facebook a couple of times > move on, it really doesn’t make sense to me. If you want people to see your videos and you want to make money from them, you need to share them with the world on a wider level.

Let me give you an example:

1. Quadeca – His Marketing Scheme:

Quadeca is good at promotion, but not in the traditional way. What he often does is make entertaining videos, which in themselves are promotional. One example of this is his usage of other big Youtubers and musicians in his videos. In the past he’s made diss tracks about some of them, using their name to get more exposure. Using bigger Youtubers names is a common strategy for smaller Youtubers, and he’s done it well. To the extent where some bigger names have called him out in their own videos, getting him more exposure and in front of a new fanbase. It’s important to note here that these disses are strictly musical, and more healthy competition than any real underlying drama. All the while still giving


how to start a Profitable YouTube Music Career is a video content curation service which has rivaled any other social platform in the world as far as popularity, and extensive usage is concerned. 

Millions of musicians all over the world are already using as a means to earn a profitable music career in the world today as opposed to the conventional methods of making a lucrative music career today.

At, we help you to get the best out of your career without the deployment of traditional means of making music. Your music career doesn’t have to follow a particular pattern, and we can help you think out of the box and help you make an income from Youtube by targeting your content to the right audience for a lasting career without all the hassles that come with earning a career through the conventional means.

How Does it Work?


Earning an income or a supplementary income from your music is a relatively simple process. It is, in fact, a technique which is being deployed by some of the most prominent artists in the world today and equally some of the biggest music content creators on YouTube.

At, we make your dreams of building a stable and sustainable career as an independent artiste a reality with five simple steps. Steps which we shall break down enough for you to understand what it takes to swim in these waters, and well, I think you’d be pretty much surprised at how incredible a ride it will be.

Step 1

Sell yourself as more than just a Musician.

The first step to attracting millions of fans to your craft is to expand your possibilities and give them more than what they had in mind.

There are millions of music makers on YouTube today, a service which boasts of 1 billion users. Guess how many millions are left when you seperate everyone who’s making music content or putting up music videos in one way or the other.

To make more money on YouTube, you have to stand out. The audience needs to perceive you as more than just a musician. It will help you increase your audience by the thousands and attract other viewers who aren’t interested in just hearing some music.

Lots of artists do this on YouTube, and they earn so much more than the everyday artists who go from one country to the other performing at shows by sitting in the corner of their room and adding the most creative element to their music. Here are some of the ideas and strategies that you’ll find will  blend perfectly when attached to music; Music and Comedy, Music and Tutorials, Music and Interviews, Music and Audio Engineering, and many more. Click Here for more ideas.

Adding these elements into your music will help you grow from just a musician into an entertainer, and you will make a hell of a lot more money than the former by making a more substantial amount of people happier daily.thousandsid

Put up Interesting Videos that Create Engagements

Just like the way it works in search engines, blogs, and websites, Content is King. Your relevance on the platform strongly depends on your ability to create entertaining videos that attract people to express themselves. These kinds of videos help you turn viewers into loyal fans by striking a chord in their hearts one way or the other.

A video that entertains a black, white, Asian, and every other kind of man a love expands your possibilities of reaching the most significant amount of people at “any video in time” and well you know what they say, the more, the merrier.

Invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is used to get the best rankings out of search engines such as Google. Funny enough, YouTube’s search engine ranks videos the same way, but it’s actually much easier. There are ways to optimize your videos to reach more consistent flow of organic viewers and possible subscribers.

Optimizing your video is a straightforward procedure and can be perfected by the average Joe, it involves; Using the appropriate title for your content, fitting it with the proper keywords and description, using the right thumbnail and some other technical tasks. Here’s A Free Tool to help with SEO for YouTube: TubeBuddy

 Optimizing your videos will help you get your videos in front of the right audience and will get you more engagement. It is equally important to market your music videos and content to the right audience and get as much exposure and promotion as possible. The first week is critical when ranking videos. Once the S.E.O is done (title, description, tags) within the first week you need to be driving traffic to your videos. This will help with engagement, ranking, and if done correctly will trigger YouTube’s algorithm and bring your video up in the suggested video section. 

Monetize your Videos and Grow

One of the essential steps to a profitable YouTube music career is being able to successfully monetize your content and watch your income grow passively over time. Every single artist that we have done this for has always dropped their jaw at how much they make in the shortest time possible, something that  felt like an impossible feats to them being accomplished in a matter of days and weeks.

Some of the ways you can make serious income from YouTube through your music are; Music Streaming, Music Licensing, Advertising and Sponsorships, Endorsement deals, Digital Sales, Google Ads, Merch Sales and so many other limitless options.

There are known independent musicians who make as much as $20,000 monthly from their music and, of course, we also know of some who gross that same amount in half the time.

Be Consistent

The final and most crucial part of the five steps to building a profitable YouTube music career. Consistency is Key to your growth as a music maker, whether you employ the traditional channels or make money out of the box.

The only way to increase your fan base while firmly holding on to the ones you have already amassed is to keep putting out relevant content even when you think no one is watching. It is effortless to double, triple, or quad-triple your viewers on YouTube once they are attracted to the perfect content. Do this regularly, and you’ll never run out of money for the rest of your career which if it involves YouTube might drag on till the end of your life and transfer on to your heirs or estates after that.