TikTok Music Promotion

How To Leverage TIKTOK For Music Artists To Build Fans

“TikTok music marketing empowers artists by being an avenue for visual output and creativity,” Mary Rahmani, TikTok’s director of music content and artist relations, said in an email. “We offer a platform that is creative, collaborative, global and unique.”

Promoting your music on TikTok, formerly known as Music.ly, is a great opportunity for you to tap into a platform that if utilize correctly can help build your fan base tremendously. Here are a few ideas that will help you build and connect with new potential fans.

Join DistroKid To Upload Your Music To TikTok

Independent artists can now use DistroKid to get their music into TikTok.

This is available and free to DistroKid members. Here’s the steps to get your music into TikTok:

  • New music: Just select the “TikTok” box uploading your music to DistroKid.
  • Old music: Sign into DistroKid → Click your album → Click “Add to more stores” → Choose “TikTok” → Click “Add”. If you don’t see “TikTok” here, congrats, you must’ve opted in when uploading your music & it’s already been added.

Run A Challenge Or Contest

Running a TikTok challenge or contest is easily the most popular way yo utilize the app. This makes the most sense for bands or music artist. Lip syncing is already an on going trend from Music.ly and now even on TikTok. Why not have people do this to your song? Also if you’re really creative, start your own dance moves to your track. Whether just having fun or actually displaying awesome moves, challenge TikTok users to show what moves they have your track. Offer a prize to the winner such as: merch, concert tickets, unreleased music or even a shout out. The main point is to engage fans and get them listening to your music. 

Utilize Hashtags

Utilizing hashtags work great with organizing a contest or challenge. Have TikTok users post their video with your hashtags. This way you can see who all who are participating in your challenge or contest. This will also help you further promote your brand as well.

“Guess Jeans ran a TikTok #InMyDenim challenge. They invited users to post content in their denim and tag their content in order to when. You can do this with your music and even your merch. 

The Future Of TikTok For Music Artists

TikTok is very popular right now, and should be taken advantage of while it’s on top of everyone’s mind. As you know these apps could be here today and gone tomorrow. So utilize them to the best of your ability while you can. Remember to always be directing your followers and fans to all of your social platforms especially YouTube, Instagram, and even Spotify.

Final Insight

Remember nothing will ever happen in your career if you don’t apply yourself. The same applies to your  TikTok music promotion. This is something that you can do that doesn’t cost you anything but time and compiling a strategy. Most importantly, remember that pursuing a music career should most of all be FUN! So have fun with this. The world is yours! You just have to take it.

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