How To Get Subscribers On Youtube Fast And Easy

Do you know that a lot of people in our world today rely on the myriads of information posted online? So many people around us learn something new because of the contents posted on the internet, and the funny and surprising thing is that they become skillful at doing them. That is to tell you that people look forward to getting educative, informative, entertaining, and helpful and insightful information on the internet; and notable among them is YouTube. Over the years, YouTube has satisfied her subscribers with quality content that have generated great views. At this point, I am here to share with you top content that Get Great Views on Youtube. Enjoy!


Vlogs are a video version of blogs. I must say, vlogs are usually exciting and real as the vloggers bare it all on the way they go about their life, family, fun moments, shopping sprees, arguments, and interviews. Most of them dish out an emotional confession that some people could regard inappropriate, but in the real sense, you get to learn a lot and get great pleasure from all the experiences that are shared with you on the vlog. PewDiePie, and Dude Perfect are some of my favorite YouTube vlogs that I enjoy. It is the best way to start a Youtube music career.

best way to Get Great Views on Youtube


I have over time noticed that people get to find video tutorials more relatable than reading them in books. The image and video expressions make people create imaginations in their senses that wouldn’t make them forget so soon. Different YouTube Channels teach people on one technical skill or the other, and they can also be referred to as the ‘How-to’ channels, which exposes you to learning how to do one thing or the other. Example of these channels includes a make-up tutorial, sound engineering tutorial channel, software development, and maintenance channel, musical tutorial channels where you learn valuable information become skillful at them. TED and National Geographic are favorite YouTube channels that are educational.

best topics to Get Great Views on Youtube

     Comedy Skits

Everyone wants to be entertained one way or the other, and comedy is one significant way out of physical and emotional stress. The more reason why people result enjoy comedy videos on the internet. People visit different comedy channels on YouTube to watch and laugh and get refreshed. Comedy videos generate quite a significant number of views on YouTube. Examples include Kevin Hart, and Trevor Noah’s skits on YouTube, making people burst into laughter and forgetting their worries.

      Celebrity Gossip And News

People are always interested in knowing what’s going on in the world of their favorite celebrity. When something hot and trending drops on YouTube, people crave for it. You can build up your channel fast with this niche.

       Shopping Sprees

YouTube channels of people showcasing their shopping culture appeals to women more than men. They enjoy watching people go on shopping sprees for different brands and lovely pieces of items they imagine buying for themselves. Videos like this can be entertaining for people watching and also keep them updated about the latest brands in town. Shopping sprees videos are also referred to as haul videos, and they are focused on people going out to get different types of products. Most of these products are in the beauty and fashion niche.

     Product Reviews

Whenever people need to know more about a product, they visit the internet for information about those products. They want to know what other people feel about using the products they have an interest in. Getting a video description of these products are usually preferred; hence, the need for YouTube channels describing those products. The funny thing is people will always make use of their channels to give you useful reports or complaints about these products. People usually want to know more about a specific car, or an electronic gadget, or a household item, among other products of interest. This video channel generates a lot of views. Also this type of content open up a who chance to build a affiliate marketing revenue as well. Most people who create these type of videos become affiliates of the products they’re reviewing that helps the earn a percentage of revenue for products orders made through their affiliate link. Does this work? Just ask the YouTube creators who base most of their channels to just this type of lucrative content.

     How To Videos

Just like the tutorial videos that teach people how to acquire one technical skill or the other, instructional videos are somewhat academic as they seem to explain what you learned in school and you find unclear to you in a more real and explanatory stance, such that you can easily comprehend. I have seen a good number of mechanical technician and computer techs go online to get further academic knowledge on what they need to know.  

       Q &A

The truth people resolve to YouTube to ask a different question, and YouTube as a platform is always willing to give those answers. So, if you have a channel that interacts with people and gives people opportunity of getting solutions to their question, then the YouTube algorithm would be nothing but glad to push you forward to the visibility of prospective subscribers. Channels of this nature generate a lot of views.

     Movie Trailer News

The love for movies makes people view a lot of movie trailers on social media, especially YouTube. Seeing movie trailers is always a call of action to make people head to the cinema to see a trending movie, or even subscribe to a movie viewing website. For example, Netflix has always been using YouTube as a means to convince people to subscribe to their website for incredible movie trailers that they show on YouTube. This is a strategy that works, and a lot of views are generated on these channels.

     Reaction Videos

Reaction videos show the reaction of other people. Most videos show the emotional reactions of people viewing popular music videos, crazy memes, and other viral content on the internet. The persons may or may not be aware that they are being recorded. Reaction channels on YouTube are usually very entertaining and filled with excitement. Subscribers to these channels always look forward to reaction videos.

So What's The Key To Get Great Views on Youtube?

Now I know what you’re thinking. How does this apply to obtaining a fan base or helping my music career? Learning what type of content people are viewing regularly gives you an advantage when placing your brand in front of a larger audience. You can be gaining not only views but also subscribers organically.

So Why Just Posting My Music Videos Isn't Enough?

The music industry is a tough industry to gain exposure and traction. When you’re posting your music videos on YouTube the competition is fierce. The reason you’re not earning more views and subscribers is no one knows who you are. This means no one is searching for you. How do you change that? By posting videos of what people are searching for. Note: The Topics Above

How Do I Implement My Music Into All Of This?

There are multiple ways you can implement your music into providing alternative content for your audience. Here’s a small list to give you some ideas of how to combine the two.

  • Place a snippet of your music in the intro and outro of the video
  • Tell your audience who you are and give a small description in your videos
  • Place a hyperlink of your music on other platforms in the description are of your videos
  • Place a detail description in the About Me section on your channel page
  • Make a Vlog about your music career journey
  • Ask your audience to give you feedback on your videos and even your new songs in the comment section
  • Link your music videos to your other content videos
  • Make playlists of other popular music or musicians and add your music in the playlists
  • Wear your merch in your videos
  • Connect your social media pages that may have your music posted to your videos